Why work with me?

If you have your sights set on selling your current house you need a confident professional on your side who will make your overall experience both efficient and effective. In a highly competitive and aggressive market, you want a Realtor who will help you maximize your renovation dollars, save you time and hassle while you prepare your home for sale, and get you the most for your property. 

I have proven and effective systems for maximizing your property’s market value. We start with home’s current market value and your budget for renovations. By pinpointing the greatest value added repairs, we can maximize your return on investment. With gorgeous marketing, photography, a custom website and communication with neighbors, we create a buzz for your property which translates to demand, and buyers who are desperate to write the best offers for your property. 

My service driven approach saves you time, money, and stress. You tell me what you want to be hands on for in your listing, and what you don’t have time for. By referring vetted contractors for repairs and setting appointments for you I can streamline the process, avoid expensive mistakes and save you time in your busy life.  I can meet with contractors at the property about the renovations you are interested in, so you only need to compare quotes and choose the contractor that is best for you. Want to see a contractor or inspector but need to be at the office or with kids during the day? Ask for a short video. There is always a solution to  keep you in the drivers seat while also working around your commitments and getting you the best results. 

I take ultimate responsibility for your listing being perfect. I check in with contractors, landscapers, cleaners, and other service people to make sure that their work is immaculate. If my client or I find anything less than satisfactory about a property before it hits the market, I will make sure it is done right whether it means calling a contractor back or fixing it myself. My drive for perfection comes from my sense of duty to my clients and integrity in my work. 

Above all, there is nothing more important to me that high-quality customer service, which is why I prefer to work with a select few clients. In doing so, I’m truly able to keep you well-informed each step of the way and tend to every single one of your needs. Give me a call today and let’s talk about your goals for your property. 


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